In a general sense, “to duplicate” means to make a copy that’s exactly like the original. In network marketing, duplication is one of the most powerful principles to achieve success. When you utilize a proven system, experience growth, and teach that system to your team members, your entire team can reach phenomenal heights. It’s important to work with your upline leader at every step of the process. Learn from the success of those who’ve gone before you!

Master the steps

Step 1: Define your dreams.
Define your dreams, and make a plan to achieve them. At 4Life®, we call this your “why.” Write down your dream or create a vision board. Share your dream with your spouse, family members, and friends. However you define your “why,” make sure it’s strong enough to keep you motivated.

Step 2: Establish your goals.
Goals have the power to create energy and momentum. It’s useful to break them up into smaller, achievable short-term goals with due dates. Reaching the Diamond rank should be the foundation for accomplishing any goal in your 4Life business. As you reach milestones, you will gain confidence and your team members will follow your lead.

Step 3: Determine your commitment level.
Like any worthwhile endeavor, being a 4Life® distributor takes hard work and dedication. Your success will be determined by your level of commitment. Commit to the system, yourself, and your team members.

Step 4: Make a list of prospects.
People are your primary resources. Your list of prospects will be your most precious asset to help you grow your business. Try to list at least 30 people to start, including people you feel would be most open to your invitation, such as family members and friends.

Step 5: Invite your prospects.
There are a few different ways to invite people to learn more about 4Life. You can invite someone during a one-on-one meeting, an online conversation, or a phone call. You can even invite someone to watch a short video about 4Life.

Step 6: Hold two socials.
Present 4Life to your prospects through what we call socials. These can be done in a webinar or social media group, over the phone, or in person—typically at someone’s home. Before you host your own social, attend one hosted by your upline leader to learn how to do it.

Step 7: Follow up.
Set a time to follow up with your interested prospects. Give them 24–48 hours to review and process the information they received. During the follow-up, don’t argue with or pressure your prospects. No matter what they decide, consider this an opportunity to build relationships with everyone you meet.

Step 8: Consult with your upline leader.
This step is actually an ongoing process. As you work on steps 1 through 7, it’s important to consistently check in with your upline leader
to evaluate your progress, develop new strategies and goals, and make adjustments when necessary.

Step 9: Duplicate yourself by teaching the steps to your team members.
Take all of the information you’ve received from your upline leader and use it to repeat these steps in your business. Once the steps have become second nature to you, it will become much easier to teach them to your team members.

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