Welcome to the new look of Summit magazine! It’s been transformed to provide you with better information, advice, and tools for your business and your life. In this issue, you’ll learn how to sell PRO-TF™ to customers, transform your daily nutrition plan, and better incorporate 4Life® products into your routine.

The new 4LifeTransform™ program is for everyone— male, female, young, middle-aged, and older adult. The products, workout plans, and nutrition tips can help you transform your body, improve your confidence, and enjoy a vibrant lifestyle.

Since the launch of PRO-TF and PRO-TF™ Protein Bar, we have seen exciting results from both customers and distributors. With the high demand in the marketplace for high-quality protein, PRO-TF delivers!

We think you’ll love the transformation spotlight on Gold International Diamond Sandra Jiménez. When asked how she stays motivated, Sandra answered, “I keep all of my old clothes, and I see how big they are now. They are a reminder of how far I’ve come—even better motivation than the scale!”

We’ve personally experienced great results with PRO-TF, and plan to continuing incorporating these products into our active lifestyle. Download the 4LifeTransform App from the App Store or Google Play to start your transformation today. We’re Together, Building People®… and together, transforming people!


David & Bianca Lisonbee


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