Spring Is in the Air!

After moving to Salvador, Brazil, one of the adjustments I’ve had to make is that we don’t experience significant changes in seasons. Winter is hot and summer is hotter!

I grew up in areas of the United States where there was a marked difference in the seasons. This instilled in me a built-in calendar, with a definite sense of endings and new beginnings. After three or four months of feeling hidden under the snow and ice of Utah winters, it was always a thrill when the air thawed, snow melted, and the fresh scent of spring was in the air. The appearance of that first daffodil was always something to celebrate!

Spring is the essence of hope—new life, new potential, and new growth. And, spring is definitely in the air at 4Life® Global Headquarters! During Convention 2015: Bring Dreams Home, you’ll see many things “blossoming”—products that will support your health and help you experience positive business growth; friendships that will increase your joy long after convention is over; tools to enhance the growth of your group; and, inspiration and motivation to nourish your mind and spirit, helping you to embrace new experiences for personal growth.

If you haven’t yet registered for convention, I challenge you to do so today. Spring is truly in the air at 4Life and you don’t want to miss out!

Bianca Lisonbee
4Life Founder

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