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When it comes to healthy aging and vibrant living, burning excess fat is important for maintaining a healthy body weight. If you want to burn fat, there are a number of ways to kick start the process. Eat a diet high in protein and low in simple carbohydrates, engage in moderate-intensity exercise, and take supplements daily.

In order to understand how the body burns fat, let’s first learn how the body uses and stores energy. The body stores energy in three forms: carbohydrates, protein, and fat. Any excess calories you consume from these three forms will eventually be converted into fat. This new fat is stored either just under your skin or as fatty deposits around your internal organs.

Carbohydrates are stored as glycogen, which is found in your liver and within your muscles. Glycogen provides a quick, relatively small amount of energy. With moderate to intense activity, your body will deplete its glycogen stores in about 20 minutes. Protein can be pulled from your muscles and/or organs. Your body does not have separate protein storage specifically for energy. Your body’s fat stores are usually the most plentiful energy reserve. However, it takes longer for your body to pull energy from your fat stores. When you need additional energy, your body will usually pull first from carbohydrate stores. Then, it will pull from protein or fat stores, depending on the urgency of need. Remember, protein can be utilized more quickly than fat, but protein comes from your muscles and organs unless you have protein in your blood from a recent meal. Basically, if you don’t have enough energy stores elsewhere, your body will pull energy from your muscles. That’s why it’s important to consume the right amount of protein for your goal weight, age, and activity level.

Brent Vaughan, PhD, RD Vice President of Research and Development

Brent Vaughan, PhD, RD
Vice President of Research and Development

“4LifeTransform® products can assist you on your fat-burning journey. I believe that PRO-TF® is one of the best, most rapidly absorbed protein supplements on the market.”*

Most exercise routines target burning fat while trying to maintain muscle mass. In order to achieve this result, you need a workout that elevates metabolic rate to a moderate extent and lasts long enough to exhaust carbohydrate stores. If a workout is too short, you will only burn carbohydrates. If your workout is too intense, you’ll burn some protein along with the fat and carbohydrates.

4LifeTransform® products can assist you on your fat-burning journey. I believe that PRO-TF® is one of the best, most rapidly-absorbed protein supplement on the market. Consuming PRO-TF before or after a workout gives you additional protein to support both immediate energy needs and muscle mass accumulation. PRO-TF can also help you achieve your recommended daily protein intake. Renuvo® can contribute to your success by helping your body recover more quickly from a healthy regiment of frequent exercise.*

Combine these supplements with a good diet and exercise program to encourage fat burning and achieve your desired healthy weight.*

During 4life Convention 2016: United, we will launch a new product to help you further enhance fat burning. Use it with PRO-TF and Renuvo to ignite fat burning and support your health on a whole new level.*

A few months ago, top 4Life leaders were given the chance to try this new products—code-named Project Ignite. In addition, we conducted an independent, in-house study with the product. The study results show a compelling boost in fat burning markers when Project Ignite is combined with PRO-TF. Taking these products together with Renuvo is sure to accelerate your journey toward healthy and more vibrant living.*

Unite with us at convention in Atlanta to find out more about the ingredients in Project Ignite, and learn about the success we’ve seen in research trials. Not to mention, you’ll have the chance to purchase this product as well as others so you can try them for yourself.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


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