One of my favorite parts of convention is reflecting on all of the exciting things that we experienced together. I especially love thinking about the relationships that were forged and strengthened because of this event.

Of course, one of my favorite moments from Convention 2015: Bring Dreams Home was making a dramatic entrance as Dorothy from “The Wizard of Oz,” transported to convention from Brazil! How often does a woman in her 60s get to click her ruby red slippers and be magically transported home? That experience was so much fun!

I was also thrilled about the new products that were announced. David and I have been using PRO-TF™ for some time and we are so impressed with it. I can’t wait to witness your results as you begin taking this life-changing product. I truly believe that you can transform your body and your life with PRO-TF and the other products in the 4LifeTransform™ line.

I have also been thinking about our Bring Dreams Home theme. Every aspect of what we do at 4Life® stems from a desire to make the lives of individuals and families better. Home is really the most important place for all of us. Home is where the heart is!

If we can make our homes healthy and happy places, then we are Together, Building People and together, building families, communities, and countries worldwide. Through your 4Life business, you can bring dreams to homes all over the world!

Bianca Lisonbee


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