Will You Be Here?
Thousands are coming to Convention 2015: Bring Dreams Home. Will you be here?

Convention 2015: Bring Dreams Home is almost here! Thousands of 4Life® family members will gather in Salt Lake City, Utah, April 15–18 for the experience of a lifetime. Will you be here?

TrentTenney3_15Will you be here to be a part of the historic launch of Project Transform? The buzz around this new product has been unbelievable! I can’t wait for you to learn everything that our Research and Development team has created.

Will you be here to learn and be inspired by top distributors? These men and women have demonstrated—time and time again—that they have what it takes to build successful businesses, foster lasting relationships with their team members, serve people in need, and truly bring dreams home.

Will you be here to visit 4Life Global Headquarters? Come take a peek inside the day-to-day operations of 4Life—where we develop products, package orders, create marketing materials, and so much more.

Will you be here to wrap your arms around your team members from around the world? There’s no better time than convention to express your love for your downline distributors and forge strong bonds for the future.

Will you be here to walk across the 4Life stage and be recognized for your achievements? You’ve worked hard during the past 18 months and now is your time to shine!

Will you be here to take part in the biggest convention in 4Life history? This event will, without a doubt, positively affect your business, your family, and your life. If you haven’t yet committed to attend, I challenge you to register today!

Thousands are coming to Convention 2015: Bring Dreams Home. Will you be here?


Trent Tenney

Senior Vice President of Marketing

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