International Diamond Carlos Padilla Cruz

When my brother talked to me about the 4Life® business opportunity, I had three jobs, including working as a garbage collector. My wife and I were making payments on nine loans. We were in debt, and we didn’t see a way out of our problems. It was hard to focus on our dreams when all of our paychecks went to our debts.

In January 2003, my wife had just achieved the Diamond rank, but I wasn’t fully invested yet because of my poor life choices. My son begged me to change my life. That’s when I started going to 4Life meetings and taking the opportunity seriously.

During a 4Life meeting, a presenter told us that if we wanted to see results, we had to have very specific objectives. One of the goals I established was to quit all of my jobs in 18 months, by June 28, 2004. I told my wife, “We’re going to take this seriously.”

My friends and coworkers made fun of me when I shared my goals with them. When you write down your goals and focus on them, it doesn’t matter the obstacles you encounter. I wanted to prove that I could achieve my goals and dreams if I focused, believed in myself, and worked hard. I quit all of my jobs within 18 months!

In the 15 years since I began my 4Life journey, I’ve changed the course of my family’s future. I could never have achieved this type of lifestyle with my previous three jobs combined. I’m very thankful for 4Life!

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