A. Take consistent action. More than anything else, taking action every day is the key to adding people to your team. Use your dream to propel you forward.

B. Build relationships. At 4Life®, we’re Together, Building People® through science, success, and service. Do what it takes to build strong relationships with your team members’ best interests at heart.

C. Commit. To build your team, you need to commit 100% to making it happen. Make the decision to commit, reaffirm it every single day, and follow through.

D. Stay determined. Once you’re committed, determination allows you to continue no matter what. Successful leaders persevere even when challenges arise.

E. Manage expectations. Understand what is required of you and your time. Manage expectations appropriately, and learn what it will take to accomplish your goals.

F. Fill yourself up. Give yourself time to develop and learn both personally and professionally. This will fill you with confidence and give you the skills you need to reach your recruiting goals.

G. Determine your goals. Decide what you want, make a plan to get there, and follow through with the plan. Even if you do just one thing every day to bring you closer to accomplishing your goals, you’ll be ahead of most people.

H. Hold yourself accountable. The best way to take action is to hold yourself accountable. Even better, partner with a friend who will help you stick to your plan. Check in with each other on daily, weekly, and monthly recruiting goals.

I. Invite others. Invite people to learn about 4Life and what it might mean for their lives. Learn what’s important to them and share how 4Life can help them accomplish their dreams.

J. Jog your memory. Reach out to past co-workers, friends, and acquaintances. You never know who might be in a position to make a change in their lives, or who might know someone else who would be interested.

K. Keep on keeping on. As you recruit more team members, you will encounter rejection along the way. Keep your spirits high, reinforce your commitment and determination, and persevere by taking daily action to meet your goals.

L. Make a list. Keep a list of prospects—people you’ve reached out to before and people you need to contact again. It can be easy to forget that kind of information, so be sure to write it down.

M. Make it fun. Get creative with prospecting, and have fun! For example, visit a prospect in person, make a call, or send a handwritten note to show your sincerity. >>envelope icon<<

N. Never say never. If you’re feeling down, pick yourself up, focus on how far you’ve come, and decide what steps you can take to get even closer to your goals.

O. Stay open to new experiences. The best way to grow your team—and to grow as a person—is to be open to opportunities that help you stretch your limits and conquer your fears.

P. Practice, practice, practice. Some people feel uncomfortable making new contacts and talking to people. If that’s you, don’t worry! It gets easier with practice.

Q. Fill your quota. Have a personal quota of people to contact in a given time period. Whether it’s a daily quota of calls to make or a weekly quota of contacts, work hard to make it happen.

R. Ask for referrals. Ask people if they can think of two or three friends who would enjoy taking 4Life® products.

S. Be active on social media. Use social media to reach out to others. Start with just one social platform at a time and master it before you move on to the next one. Rule of thumb: Respect others’ newsfeeds by not posting more than once a day.

T. Track your progress. You can only improve what you measure. Keep track of your daily goals. Are you meeting them? If not, what can you do to make those goals happen?

U. Understand people. When you speak to prospects, appreciate their situation and be solutions-oriented. Answer these questions: What are their lives like? What are their fears? What do they value? Help them see how joining y4Life® will align with what’s important to them.

V. Validate your business. Show prospects that 4Life has a strong foundation. Plan a three-way call with your sponsor and your prospect to help them learn more.

W. Know your market. “Warm” prospects already know that you are a 4Life distributor and might be interested in discussing the business opportunity. “Cold” prospects are people with whom you’ve had little to zero contact. Think about how you’d approach them differently.

X. Extract what’s not working. If a habit prevents you from reaching your goals, replace it with a more productive one. For example, limit time spent watching TV and instead use that time to plan for the next day. This could make a big difference in your recruiting efforts.

Y. Keep your “why” close by. What dream do you hope to achieve with your 4Life business? Is it a dream vacation? Money to send your kids to college? Post a photo of your “why” somewhere that you’ll see it every day.

Z. Accept zero excuses. Write down potential excuses. Then counter each one with a way to overcome them. Remind yourself how great you feel when you achieve your goals. A zero-excuse policy makes it easier to open the door for new recruits to join your team.

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