In today’s world of instant gratification, the power of making a long-term commitment is sometimes overlooked. People who truly dedicate themselves to an organization will show up, follow through, and keep going. You can be confident in our long-term commitment to your success as you foster a long-term commitment with your team members.

Build Your Business with Long-Term Commitment

Create a strong organization 

People who are committed don’t give up. They set an example for those who lack confidence or experiences in order to help them achieve success. Plus, a long-term commitment allows them to have the opportunity to keep learning. People need to try things out, make mistakes, and figure out a strategy that works. These are great qualities in a business builder, and they can provide strength and momentum to your organization.

Give people a reason to join you

People often look for meaning in their lives. When you ask someone to dedicate to an effort, cause, or organization, you offer that person an opportunity for purpose. A new prospect might join your 4Life team to:

  • Help others experience a healthy, happy life while enjoying 4Life products.
  • Build relationships with other like-minded individuals.
  • Achieve financial goals and accomplish something significant.
  • Expand leadership and business building skills.
  • Benefit the community and provide service to others.

Keep the energy high

At the beginning of your 4Life® journey, your enthusiasm may be all you need to stay committed. However, it’s important to create a strong and dedicated team that’s ready to tackle whatever challenges arise along the way.

  • Pay attention. Listen to what people have to say and address concerns and goals.
  • Challenge each other. Have a friendly competition to see who can share 4Life the most in one day (or one hour)! Keep notes and share what worked.
  • Have fun. Attend meetings and events together. Go out for dinner or provide community service in your area.
  • Find solutions together. Work to overcome problems. You’ll grow stronger as a leader when you help your team members learn from mistakes and experience success.
  • Celebrate success. Keep an ongoing list of what’s going well for you and your group. Send a positive note through text, email, or instant message.
  • Say thank you. Send thank you notes to customers who place an order or to team members who work hard to accomplish their goals. 

Our Long-Term Commitment to You

“Since the launch of 4Life Transfer Factor®, we have never wavered in our commitment to be out in front. We are pioneers in the field of transfer factor development—and the best is yet to come!”

David Lisonbee
Founder & Chairman of the Board

  • 17 years of 4Life Transfer Factor science
  • Increased sales and worldwide growth year after year
  • History of innovative, exclusive, and unique products
  • The highest quality, most effective products you can buy
  • 1.0 million dollar investment in state-of-the-art lab equipment
  • Experienced doctors and scientists to keep 4Life on the cutting edge
  • Focus on research and academic affiliation
  • Pursuit of trademarks and patents worldwide

An Investment in the Future

4Life® is nearing completion on our brand-new manufacturing facility. This facility gives 4Life start-to-finish control over every step in the manufacturing process, including the batching, blending, encapsulation, and packaging of most 4Life Transfer Factor® products. The facility will guarantee quality and customer satisfaction for years to come.

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