“It’s inspiring to watch your desire to make this world a better place.”

Since the launch of the 4LifeTransform™ program at Convention 2015, the enthusiasm and excitement around the world have been wonderful to witness! It’s been especially fun to watch people share their transformation stories via social media. I believe the 4LifeTransform movement illustrates the desire we all have to improve ourselves. You can truly transform your life with 4Life®.

When one engages in meaningful service, both the giver and receiver are changed for the better. I have felt transformed as I’ve watched the giving hearts of 4Life family members. It’s inspiring to watch your desire to make this world a better place.

After my first trip to the La Casa Rosada orphanage in the Dominican Republic several years ago, I knew that I would never be the same. Seeing the love and sacrifice demonstrated by the nuns was truly transformative—both for the children and for everyone in attendance.

A few years ago, I visited Nkosi’s Haven in South Africa. What an inspiring place, run by inspiring people!

I feel so grateful for distributors who get involved on the grassroots level and reach out to others through amazing service projects. I have witnessed the transforming power of distributors who truly live the 4Life mission of Together, Building People®.

Transforming your life is an ongoing process. It’s the journey of a lifetime. It’s the very basis of life… and 4Life!

Bianca Lisonbee


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