Sandra Jiménez
Gold International Diamond
Florida, USA

Best personal benefit of transformation?

Before my transformation, I used to compare myself with other people, and I wasn’t happy. Now, I feel younger and confident. I can play with my two kids without getting tired. I feel like superwoman!

Favorite go-to healthy meals?

We eat a lot of chicken, vegetables, and salads. If I organize and prepare on the weekends, I can make quick, healthy meals on busy weekdays.

Guilty food pleasure?
I love candy and ice cream. I let myself indulge once a week! 

Favorite transformation tip?

Look at yourself in the mirror and feel happy that you’re making positive changes in your life. Persevere and stay positive! Don’t pay attention to the scale.

Biggest lifestyle benefit?

I’ve always liked to bike or skateboard, but before my transformation, I’d get tired easily. Now, I’m the one who’s always ready to do fun things outside!

Greatest incentive?

I keep all of my old clothes, and I see how big they are now. They are a reminder of how far I’ve come—even better motivation than the scale!

Biggest challenge?
The first few days, it was hard to get up in the morning to work out. But now, my mind is programmed. I do it without really even thinking about it.

Best PRO-TF™ business building tip?

I posted my “before” and “after” photos on my Facebook page, and people asked me for information. I didn’t need to seek out customers. I just shared my transformation and the rest was easy! 

Most important life lesson you’ve learned because of 4Life?

Everything is possible! You can achieve any dream you have. I’ve seen so many transformations and so much personal growth. It has been wonderful!

Current transformation goals?

I didn’t realize that my transformation would inspire other women. Now, I help them start their own transformation programs with 4Life. It’s amazing to give others hope and tell them, “You can do it!”

Sandra’s transformation

Results: Lost 11 pounds and 8% body fat

4LIFE® PRODUCTS: PRO-TF™, 4Life Transfer Factor Renuvo®, 4Life® NanoFactor® Glutamine Prime®, RiteStart® Women, Energy Go Stix®, 4Life Transfer Factor® RioVida Stix® Tri-Factor® Formula, NutraStart®

How I did it:

Focused on quality nutrition

Worked out (cardio and weights) five times per week for one hour and 30 minutes per session

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